Energy District Awarded Sustainable Dubuque grant

We were notified today that we received a $2,250 grant from Sustainable Dubuque to do education and marketing about clean, local energy in our community! Sustainable Dubuque does incredibly important work because they know that sustainability isn’t just about energy, carbon emissions, or green technology – it’s about resiliency, social connections, community health, livability, and other quality of life issues that need to be worked on to carry our community into the future. We think that our work is also about how we make connections in the community and build equity through access to clean, local energy – a great fit with the overall mission of Sustainable Dubuque.

Receiving this funding is a huge step forward for our emerging nonprofit work, so we are very grateful for our friends and allies who keep this process moving forward. Thank you to the City of Dubuque for your support.