Threat to net-metering in Iowa

Click here to send an email to your Iowa state senator and representative to oppose HSB 185. The House Commerce Committee introduced House Study Bill 185, a bill championed by MidAmerican Energy. If passed into law, this action would increase the profits of investor-owned utilities and increase the costs for people to generate their own electricity at their homes, on their farms, at their business, and at their non-profits. NET METERING FACT SHEET

We need your help to stop this legislation from setting back our efforts to build a clean, efficient and resilient energy system. Click here and enter your address to identify your State Senator and Representative. You will also find contact information, committee information, sponsored legislation, and other helpful information.

It’s your right, as a citizen of the state, to personally lobby your legislators. You don’t need special permission to make your voice heard and your views known. Click here for tips to help you through the process. Special thanks to Iowa Interfaith Power & Light and the Iowa Environmental Council for their advocacy on this issue.