Support Iowa’s Clean Energy Economy

Our friends at the Iowa Environmental Council have issued a call-to-action to contact Senator Grassley and ask him to protect the jobs & investments in Iowa that create economic strength while promoting a clean energy future:

As the end of the year approaches, Congress is considering action on a set of clean energy tax incentives. Federal policymakers’ decisions in the next few months will either accelerate or stall progress to deploy clean energy solutions needed to tackle the climate crisis.

Senator Grassley, as Chair of the Senate Finance Committee, will play a key role in the fate of this legislation. As someone who cares about stopping climate pollution and supporting clean energy, we are asking you to TAKE ACTION. Contact Senator Grassley and ask him to please consider:

  • Extending the existing Investment Tax Credit (ITC) for solar, wind, and the other covered clean energy technologies through 2024. The ITC has helped to create almost 1,000 jobs in Iowa and a solar supply chain including 100 businesses across the state. There is solar in every Iowa county helping farmers and small businesses reduce fixed costs and prosper.
  • Expanding the 30 percent ITC to apply to batteries and electricity storage systems. Energy storage helps integrate more renewable energy onto our electric grid and increases grid reliability and resiliency. Building out storage will maximize the productivity of Iowa’s existing wind and growing solar resources.  
  • Extending and modifying tax incentives for energy efficiency, which save residential consumers and businesses money and reduce harmful air pollution. The Section 179D deduction for energy efficient commercial and multifamily buildings has expired and should be extended. The 25C incentive for homeowner efficiency improvements and Section 45L incentive for energy efficient new homes are outdated and should be modified to reflect new technologies and market conditions.

Decisions on these tax items will likely happen before December 20, 2019. Please CALL Senator Grassley at (202) 224–3744 and leave a message or send an email with your comments in support of these extensions.

Discussions and negotiations on these clean energy multiplier policies are happening as we speak – don’t hesitate. Contact Senator Grassley today and ask him to take action to support Iowa’s clean energy economy!