Investments in Climate Action Could Boost Rural Economies, Research Finds

Energy Districts exist because we know investments in energy efficiency and renewable energy will be drivers of economic growth in our rural communities. Great story here from The Daily Yonder:

Newly released research by the progressive think tank Center for American Progress found that as much as $8 billion could find its way into the rural economy as a result of conservation programs designed to counteract climate change.

Data from government agencies such as the U.S. Department of Agriculture and the Environmental Protection Agency show that the impact of climate change is felt hardest across rural America. 

“Shifting weather patterns are one of the most noticeable changes,” the report says. “For example, in Iowa, the past 18 months have been the wettest on record, according to the Iowa Department of Natural Resources. Iowa climatologists cite climate change as one of the key causes of flooding in the state.” 

The research identified five areas for policy overhaul: increasing soil health and sequestering carbon, renewable energy, and energy efficiency improvements, access to broadband, protecting rural lands from development and keeping water clean, and preventing runoff and reducing farm electricity costs with methane digesters.

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