Now hiring: Program Coordinator

Application deadline: July 10, 2020.

Position summary

  • The Dubuque County Energy District (DBQCoED) is a new organization, so this position will be responsible for “start-up” activities that establish the District’s mission and presence in the county.
  • Provide administrative support and project management for the Board of Directors, volunteers of the District, and program partners like Green Iowa Americorps.
  • Coordinate marketing, publicity, and community outreach.
  • Support fee-based activities of the District; fundraising and membership programs.
  • Demonstrate a passion for clean energy, community advocacy, and environmental sustainability.
  • Report to DBQCoED Board of Directors.
  • Flexible schedule.
  • Salary: $20 per hour, 20 hours per week ($20,800 annually). Work-related travel and other expenses to be reimbursed.

Position details

Relationship with the DBQCoED Board:

  • Bring information and actionable items to the attention of the Board related to member/donor relations.
  • Organize and attend Board meetings.
  • Meet with members of the Board to engage members in supporting the DBQCoED.
  • Attend regional, state or national meetings pertinent to the District’s goals.
  • Together with the board, create and execute the operating budget.
  • Work with board treasurer to produce annual financial report and other documentation necessary for annual nonprofit audit as needed.

Volunteer and Member Development

  • Organize and support the work of staff and volunteers who provide the technical services and fee-based programs for the District.
  • Create a member/donor framework and activities to build membership support.
  • Guide and support board members in their fundraising activities.
  • Develop an annual budget to be reviewed by the Board.
  • Promote awareness and image of the District in the area and manage the involvement of board members and other volunteers to participate in publicity and education activities.
  • Share material and meet with citizens and leaders, building membership awareness and participation in the district’s mission.
  • With robust board involvement and assistance, identify and meet with prospective members to develop relationships.

Programs, Promotion and Public Relations

  • Promote awareness and understanding of the DBQCoED.
  • Create an annual report.
  • Create electronic and/or hard copy newsletters/communications to donors/members, press releases, brochures, informational packets for board members/potential members/donors.
  • Maintain online content management.
  • Develop working relationships with local and regional news media and garner positive editorial attention related to DBQCoED.
  • Seek opportunities for public speaking engagements and deliver engaging overview of DBQCoED to the public.
  • Develop positive relationships with local community organizations, public officials, corporate executives, business owners and managers.  Plan and supervise special events and activities to promote the goals and objectives of the District.
  • Coordinate activities with partner organizations like Green Iowa Americorps, including supervising volunteer activities and logistical support.
  • Plans, promotes and helps host quarterly “Energy Breakfast” or similar event in the community.
  • Represent the district as representative at state or regional level.

Qualifications & skills

  • Strong organizational and project management skills.
  • Independent self-starter; work well without direct supervision.
  • Volunteer management experience.
  • Good communications skills with print, digital, social media, and public relations experience.
  • Public speaking experience preferred.
  • Access to reliable personal transportation.

Guidelines for contracted service providers:

  • Set their own schedule.
  • Bring their own experience/training to the field site coordinator relationship to carry out the body of work.
  • Is not full time.
  • Work within their own off-site office arrangements.
  • Define their own pattern of sequence of specific work activities.
  • Sign a letter of agreement defining payment and is responsible for realization of profits or losses related to supplying their program of work.
  • May work for several organizations at once.
  • Work to serve the general public.
  • Serve DBQCoED for a specific time period and/or defined project period.
  • Reviews contract annually with the board.

Submit cover letter & resume to:

About us

The Dubuque County Energy District is a newly-formed non-profit organization committed to building a vibrant economy, resilient community, and a stable climate for generations to come. Working with residents and community partners, we will do this through investments in education, energy planning, market transformation, investment, and advocacy in Dubuque County.

EDUCATION We educate our community about the economic, social, and environmental benefits of sustainable, local energy. Look for our tours, workshops, newsletters, and other activities that inform our community about clean, local energy.

ENERGY PLANNING We partner with agencies to provide energy audits and weatherization services with a focus on low-income and at-risk residents. We also have services to help business owners, nonprofits, home-owners, and farmers save money by making their structures more energy-efficient and investing in sustainable, local energy.

ADVOCACY We join together with allies from across the state and region to advocate for policies and programs that build a resilient, sustainable, local energy system. We encourage our policy-makers to create more incentives and remove obstacles to producing more of our own clean, renewable energy.