Wrapping for Resilience

VISIT our form here to get your cloth wrapping: https://forms.gle/65HQzb3Yt3EivS2G9

Join the Dubuque County Energy District in starting a new holiday tradition- using reusable cloth wrapping “paper”!

By switching to reusable cloth wrapping, the goal is to reduce energy used to produce and rid of wrapping paper and shift to reusable cloth for wrapping. Annually, we need 30 million trees to keep up with the American wrapping paper consumption. This new initiative focuses on reducing single use products while being creative to build a more resilient tomorrow.

How it will work starting on November 9 through December 14:

1) Measure your item. There will be a form to enter the measurements in as part of your request (will be listed here). Request as many pieces as you would like.

2) Choose a color scheme. Please note we are utilizing fabric and ribbon previously slate for the landfill so we will try to get as close as possible to the request.

3) On the form there will be a link to support the Dubuque County Energy District initiative. Suggested Donation: $5 per piece.

4) Via contactless delivery in Dubuque County, your cloth will be delivered prior to or on December 14. If you reside outside of Dubuque County, there will be a shipping fee.

We encourage our friends to additionally support small businesses within our community. Let’s support our neighbors, especially now!

Why we are doing this fundraiser:

-It is estimated that per ton of wrapping paper we need 15 million trees which amounts to 30 million trees to wrap presents in the U.S. alone. 1

-The pulp and paper manufacturing industry as a whole accounts for 4% of global energy use, making it the world’s fifth largest consumer of energy. (The production of a typical A4 sheet of paper requires between 1-5 gallons of water.) 2

If we do our part to find ways to reduce single use products, challenge ourselves to be creative and divert waste from the landfill, we can work to build a more resilient tomorrow.