Solar Tax Credit- Federal Wins

Okay, the title has hooked you in! We continue to track the extension of the Solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC) and clean energy incentives included in the December 2020 stimulus package. By extending the credit through 2023, and keeping the 26 percent credit threshold through 2022, this is a huge win!

BUT our work is not over in Iowa. The extension does not increase the current $5M cap for projects in Iowa, thus “kicking the ball down the road”. We are thankful for the federal conversation including clean and renewable energy. This is a HUGE win for future conversations as this was a strong bipartisan effort.

However, insight shares Iowa’s $5M cap does not cover all project requests for 2021 even. We can give you so many reasons why there is a need to meet the current demand, why we think Iowa needs to take a step on their own and decouple the percent from the federal level, and why Iowans need to continue to fight for an equitable energy grid; but YOU are the ones who can make the impact.

Call to Action:

1) Please consider contacting your federal legislators, thanking them for their efforts.

Rep. Axne: 202-225-5476 or Rep. Finkenauer: 202-225-2911

Sen. Grassley: 202-224-3744 and Sen. Ernst: 202-224-3254

2) Please consider writing an oped like the attachments below to get our state legislators on board understanding the importance and recognizing the community support this credit has in Iowa beyond the 2023 federal cap.