Celebrating 2020

2020 rocked the world, disrupted the normal and gave us a new love for the unexpected (in emails).
But first.
Did you get a hippopotamus for the holidays? Yeah, me neither.
Before we dive into 2020, do you know about us?
In 2020, we:
Worked with libraries and food distribution sites to host a LED bulb distribution and swaps, reaching the most vulnerable in our communities,
Hired a part time Project Coordinator
Hosted an Electric Vehicle event in partnership with Sustainable Dubuque and the Galena Green Team
Engaged local legislators in the 2nd Annual Legislative Energy Crawl hybrid event, discussing the importance of low-income weatherization and energy efficient projects
Advocated at the state table as a partner in the Clean Energy Districts of Iowa
Offered small businesses and farmers an opportunity for a free energy audit to lower their energy expenses
Engaged community members to build a Ratepayer Bill of Rights
Started a newsletter
After determining our impact within Dubuque County, and build on our community partnerships, the DbqCoED continued to build a focus for 2021. 2020 continued to expose the need to focus on our mission and build our community conversation. With nearly 30% of Iowans facing utility shutoff and our neighbors loss of energy for days after the derecho, now is the time to disrupt the normal.
In determining the 2021 efforts, the focus became clear. To make the most impact, the DbqCoED needs to focus on reducing energy burdens and increase rural engagement. There needs to be a clear plan to provide educational and access resources to move our mission forward. Without these, well… it’s like us asking for a hippo for Christmas (not saying this isn’t possible to get one, but you need lots of resources to keep the hippo alive).
Time to ENGAGE! We get virtual meetings and lunches can be tiring. Which is why we are taking a moment to break the Zoom fatigue and virtual overload. Into 2021, the DbqCoED will look to:
Leverage partnerships to increase renewable and clean energy resources and education;
Active and educate our community through a quarterly breakfast series;
Partner with HACAP and Green Iowa Americorp to streamline weatherization projects in Dubuque County;
Build local efforts to obtain more funding for weatherization and energy efficiency projects;
Continue to build foundational programming;
Generate a plan to increase electric vehicle charging stations throughout the county;
Work to build rural access to energy resources;
AND Partner with the Clean Energy Districts of Iowa to advocate and establish a unified conversation at the state level.
So what can you do?
Follow us on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn to find out about our events. Join us at our events and learn how you can make an impact in our community and fight for clean energy. Additionally, our channels will feature information about our priorities and our call to action.
Sorry, you probably will not find out the Pantone Color of the Year on our page, but we like to think outside the box and find ways to help connect energy to your daily lives. Don’t forget to share our efforts with your friends and family!
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